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Unique Investment Opportunity

The Carolina Angel Network curates and provides visibility on the best UNC startup deals anywhere in the United States.


As a member you have access to a wide range of resources that can make you a more informed angel investor including podcasts and training sessions

Exclusive Network

An opportunity to collaborate with other like-minded investors who have a wide range of industry experience. Goal is to have 200 members by 2019

Easy Process

Members do not see a deal until it has been vetted by the Screening Committee. Expressing interest in a deal then triggers the team to complete the due diligence.  With company documents and the DD report, the members meet the founders as a group in a Q&A session before investing.                                                                         

Curated Investments

An experienced Screening Committee with years of angel investing backgrounds filters the opportunities before the members spend time with the company.  The four outside individuals meet regularly to review opportunities that meet our stated criteria for progress.


New ways to engage with UNC and the expanding entrepreneurial activities across the University.


Access to high potential companies that originate from UNC and/or founded by UNC entrepreneurs.

Online Investing Platform

Access to the private software platform that allows for easy access to company documents and CAN analysis. It facilitates deal flow management and diligence processes.

Dedicated Team

Though individual investment decisions are made exclusively by Members, CAN has a dedicated team of experienced investment professionals


The Managing Director and Director coordinate the deal flow process and lead the due diligence analyses. The Screening Committee reviews potential deals as they enter the system to ensure that quality deals reach the membership.  Outside resources are engaged in the sales and customer review process as well as in the term sheet legal opinion. MBA and Law School student associates provide resources for diligence process and company communications.

Join the Network

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email Chelsea Eshraghi at  or Randy Myer at .


Members must be accredited investors and have an affiliation with UNC.

Members are expected to be active in the network, which includes:

  • Suggest potential new members who should join the network

  • Actively source investment opportunities

  • Collaborate and contribute to diligence processes and investment decisions

  • Participate in member meetings and/or video conference presentations

  • Provide support and guidance for portfolio companies based on experience and expertise

For Carolina Angel Network membership guidelines, see our membership agreement. The annual membership fee for Carolina Angel Network is $1,500, payable upon joining the network and upon each yearly anniversary.

Affiliate Members

This program is for young alums who are not yet accredited investors.  You will follow the progress of CAN and our deals.  You will be invited to our informal network events with the Members.  We would welcome your introductions to potential deals you see.  And any potential Members you know who are accredited.  No annual fee to be Affiliate member. 

Write  to apply.


The management, staff, and board of directors of the Carolina Angel Network, LLC (collectively, β€œCAN”), make no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this diligence report and specifically disclaim any liability related to the information provided in this diligence report. Any member of the Carolina Angel Network choosing to invest in the Company herein referenced, does so on his, her, or its own accord based on an independent investigation of the investment opportunity and hereby waives any potential claim against CAN related to the information provided in this report.


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