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We Connect UNC Alumni and Friends to UNC Startups



Be part of a network of successful alumni, donors and friends of UNC who are passionate about helping early stage companies that are managed by UNC alumni.

You must be an accredited investor by SEC standards but you can become affiliate member if you do not meet that standard

Our CAN organization has the resources and team that find and screen the best deals possible across the U.S. 

We screen early stage companies with early revenue or customers, perform due diligence for the members through dedicated resources and allow members to make their own choice of investment. 

How it Works:

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UNC Network Members:

  1. Receive company investment documents

  2. Receive bulletins on 6-8 companies per year

  3. Select the ones that are personally of interest

  4. Review CAN due diligence report

  5. Meet the founders with other members in Q&A session

  6. Review term sheet and legal documents

  7. Decide to invest - or not

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UNC Entrepreneurs:

  1. Submit investment documents and pitch deck

  2. Present to CAN Screening Committee and team

  3. Participate in due diligence process led by CAN team

  4. Present to members who expressed Interest

  5. Negotiate term sheet with CAN team and lawyers

  6. Report quarterly on their progress after the CAN members invest


Membership Criteria

Investment Criteria

Angel Fund


Focused on partnering with entrepreneurs

The management of the Carolina Angel Network is fully aware of the funding gap for early stage startup businesses and is committed to being part of the solution for Carolina-affiliated entrepreneurs.

What our Members Say



"As a relatively new member of CAN, I’ve been impressed by the rigor of the due diligence process—including detailed due diligence reports prepared by staff, often with input from industry experts. Having access to this information in advance of hearing a company pitch, allows for more robust dialogue and, ultimately, helps me make a more informed investment decision.” 

Maureen O’Connor President Moxie Health Advisors, LLC Chapel Hill NC


“This region has kind of ebbed and flowed in terms of the local capital available to these startups, but now angel networks like Carolina Angel Network are trying to change that. These networks are using their powerful alumni base to create an investor circle that would assist in financing startups.  It really enhances the region beyond just the absolute value of the finance goal.”

Kyle Chenet, CEO of 410 Medical. Durham NC


"Joining the Carolina Angel Network has given me the opportunity to invest in numerous seed and early stage businesses throughout the Southeast.  As a Georgia resident, it's been a great way to keep in touch with North Carolina and to meet fellow UNC alums that share a common interest.  Together we can support UNC start-ups while creating a diverse and strong network."  

Wilds Ogie, CEO of Corrugated Machine Works. Atlanta GA

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